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Slate is an exotic and unique natural stone. It’s stately, sturdy, and durable. This earthy stone exudes warmth. The character of slate stone allows it to fit into a traditional design with an informal time worn look. A real classic old world feel.

Most common uses for Slate:

Slate’s main uses include roofing and flooring. This non slippery natural stone is perfect for flooring applications. Other uses include monuments, slate back-splashes, sinks, islands, roofs and countertops.

Slate can be rustic and romantic or sleek and refined. Choose the right color and surface finish and you’re on the path to creating a unique look with slate that’s all you. It won’t etch, it doesn’t burn, and it’s non porous so the maintenance is fairly simple.

Slate is a unique and durable natural stone which will leave a life long lasting impression.

How To Select Your Stone:

The selection of stone is a very personal choice.  Stone in the home speaks to the homeowner’s appreciation of beauty and style.  While granite continues to be the most popular choice, marble, travertine, and soapstone are gaining in popularity.  Quartz products, a composite product of natural quartz and resins, are also gaining in popularity. It is important to understand the properties of each type of stone and its durability before making a final selection.











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