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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is made up mostly of tiny grains of quartz. In fact, most sandstone is formed in oceans, lakes and rivers where tiny bits of rock and dirt settle to the bottom. After thousands of years, these layers of sand get buried under tons of more sand and dirt until it is turned into solid rock.

Most common uses for Sandstone:

Natural sandstone represents traditional or modern designs where the unique combinations of color and texture add an ageless, yet contemporary feel. As a result, sandstone is suitable for domestic and commercial use. Owing to their natural beauty, sandstones are used for interior as well as exterior decoration including flooring, paving, cladding walls and floors. Highly acclaimed for its natural beauty, it is found useful as a building stone. The architectural properties of sandstone have made it suitable to churn out an enamoring range of handcrafted artifacts such as garden ornaments, sculptures and other decorative items. They are attractive and very durable.

How To Select Your Stone:

The selection of stone is a very personal choice.  Stone in the home speaks to the homeowner’s appreciation of beauty and style.  While granite continues to be the most popular choice, marble, travertine, and soapstone are gaining in popularity.  Quartz products, a composite product of natural quartz and resins, are also gaining in popularity. It is important to understand the properties of each type of stone and its durability before making a final selection.











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